Sub Judice Convention: When whistleblowers ask the paid authorities such as  politicians, ICAC, Premiers, politicians, Ombudsman etc to intervene and help them, often these public servants refuse claiming that it is “inappropriate” because of court proceedings (sub judice).  Yet, “There is no specific standing order or law preventing Parliament or others from considering a matter that is sub judice. For this reason it is called a convention – a voluntary restraint to protect participants in court proceedings against public discussion of the issue.  It is their duty to cut down on or avoid court proceedings to save public funds.

More workers come forward, their careers destroyed by HealthQuest’s “mental illnesses”. Fraudulent “Retirement Certificates”  Fee-for-service.

Reminder to activists to work towards public protest on International AntiCorruption Day 9 December 2010. Get your teams together. Picket  Rudd

Circulate everywhere about the plight of our aged community. The government has robbed them of THEIR OWN money. This report shows that since WWII Australia taxed all workers 7.5% of their income to fund their own Aged Pension, and continues to do so. This apparently has grown to an entitlement for each and every aged person to be a non-means tested income in excess of $500 per week - read how our successive Govts, took the people’s money and keep it for itself.

"WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed (WBDE) is a self-funded community-based initiative as recommended in United Nations Convention Against Corruption to combat corruption. We aim to curb the use that some individuals and organizations make of using public resources for their own private purpose of punishing and discrediting dissenters, silencing free speech, and covering up [More...]

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2010 Mar 14
Firemen face court over indecent assaults, but not doctors and psychologists at HealthQuest
Article by "Mulligrubs"
"The few who were brave enough to complain about the abuse were informed they must be 'mad' for 'imagining' such things. They were then stood down from their jobs, placed on forced sick leave when they were not sick and made to attend HealthQuest, the N.S.W. government medical office." HealthQuest. Fraudulent Retirement Certificates. Gapper. Jagger. Stambouliah. Dodwell
2010 Mar 7
Article By Jennifer Sexton and Brendan Hills "The sick rituals that ruined firemen's lives" "I was tied to a cross and they made me walk to the (fire) truck naked, where they took pictures of me, put glue on me and threw glitter on me so it would stick."

According to Mr Norville, one the firefighters later said: "You're one of us now." Mr Norville said he complained to his station officer, but little action was taken and the matter was "dealt with in-house". HealthQuest fraudulent "Retirement Certificate"?

2010 Mar 5
Article by John Rolfe "More reasons why NSW is failing" New NSW Premier "Kristina Keneally needlessly bought a city office building using nearly $25 million of your money, then spent even more taxpayer dollars turning it into a white elephant. For any voter considering giving the Government yet another chance after the ascension of its latest Premier, the tale of 30 Clarence St is reason to think again."
2010 Feb 22
Article: ICAC sent details of John Della Bosca call Simon Benson, Telegraph Chief Political Reporter "The day after MP Belinda Neal allegedly offered to help get medical favours for a Labor party member whose vote she needed, her husband and MP John Della Bosca rang the NSW health chief asking for her assistance."
2010 Feb 14
Telegraph Article: Abused Firefighters Urged to Come Forward "In today's Sunday Telegraph newspaper, former firefighters have raised claims recruits were subjected to bastardisation during initiation ceremonies in past decades. Seven men including five serving fire-fighters were charged over the indecent assault of an officer at a Sydney fire station in 1989. "The disgusting things that are alleged to have happened decades ago." said Fire Brigade Commissioner Greg Mullins. "It appears to me that there has been a cover-up at all levels," Melinda Pavey said.
2010 Jan 28
Article by casidhe "An Abuse Of Privilege" "Under the safe blanket of " qualified privilege " the Principal can inform Docs and the Police, her own staff and the DET that she genuinely believes you are mentally ill and that the children are at risk in your care " She can do this without a shred of evidence and the DET won't expect her to provide any ."